In the early 1920’s 100 acres were sold to the Shadyacres Investment Company

from the Henry Reinermann Original Grant in Harris County. [Note the one word name for the area. These 100 acres were offered for sale in lots of one acre or smaller. The John W. Beall Realty included this advertisement in the local paper in 1927.

Buy an acre for the same price as a city lot. Close in. Gas line is now being laid. Also 3,4,5 rooms home built to suit. Terms as you like it.” The Shady Acres Civic Club was organized in 1938 at a meeting in the House of Boy Scout Camp #67. The meeting was organized and called to order by Fredric Sevier. Election of Officers and the purpose of the association were discussed. The groups concerns were based on the need for bus service, dealing with oil drillers within the neighborhood, and general improvement of the community through a garden club, and a dramatic club. Mr. J.E. Capps was elected President. There were about 20 members. It was agreed that the next meeting would be held at Capps Store on Bevis and 19th on the following Tuesday evening.

Documents show that in that same year, the Shady Acres Civic Club requested city postal services be extended into the neighborhood. The requirement at the time was that at least 50% of the area had to be developed with improved streets , numbered houses (many members used their lot number to refer to their home location within the neighborhood), and street signs. Unfortunately, at this time, Shady Acres did not meet this requirement, and so rural mail service continued.

The current Shady Acres Civic Club is making an effort to collect any information, pictures and personal stories about the early days of the area. If you have any knowledge regarding the Henry Reinermann Grant, early Civic Club meetings, or pictures from that time, you are encouraged to contact the Civic Club. This information will be collected and preserved for future generations. Pictures will be scanned and stored electronically. All original pictures will be returned to the owner. All information will be used as material on the Shady Acres website.


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