Having lived in Oak Forest for nearly 4 years, I recognized the Hartman and Associates name.  I am in the mortgage business, and I had heard numerous good things about Brett from a number of sources.  We were selling our first home, so I wanted a realtor that was in tune with the likely type of buyer we would have, and more importantly, I wanted someone who I was certain had a deep knowledge and understanding of our particular market area so that we priced our home correctly, sold it in a timely manner, and maximized our profits.  Brett is Knowledgeable of our market area, very responsive, straight forward and upfront about what our expectations should be when pricing our home and the expected sales price, he is easy to work with and very accommodating. Being in the real estate/finance industry, we felt like the selling process was relatively quick and easy compared to what I have seen before.  We had plans to do some upgrades to the home before selling, thinking we would get a higher sales price, ran the plans past Brett, he told us what to do and not to do, and ended up saving us a good deal of money by not over-improving the property.  Brett told me the number he thought we would get for the sales price, and our home sold for that very same price.  When purchasing our next home, we again had our own ideas, but after following Brett’s advice we ended a much larger home for our money. I have referred several people to Brett, both sellers and buyers, and I tell them all of the reasons I used his services.  Most importantly though, I tell them to listen to his advice, and their expectations will be met and exceeded.

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