Get Your Keys

Once you have been handed the keys to your new home on the agreed possession date, it’s helpful to keep in mind that some practical and cosmetic matters need attention. Before you take possession of your new home, utilities will need to be changed to your name. And services such as electricity and phone may need to be reactivated. Also, check in with the nearest post office to assure proper mail forwarding. Consider hiring a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the home before you move in. And for security purposes, it may be prudent to change the locks and install a Theft Deterrent system. We will be glad to offer to you assistance with a variety of service providers offering a broad range of home-related services to help your move go smoothly. From landscaping and cleaning to moving and storage services to dry cleaners, we can save you time and money. Please see the link to the right for more information about our “Home Services” reccommendations.

Once you have the keys, we’re your link to everything needed to make your house a home. Just call us and we can recommend someone to help manage the work you need done to your home.

DISCLAIMER: Hartman & Associates attempts to list service providers with a record of customer satisfaction, and we welcome your feedback. However, Hartman & Associates has no ownership or control over any service providers, cannot be involved in the terms or performance of your agreement with any provider you select, and cannot guarantee your satisfaction, or proper performances of a provider’s services.

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